SharePoint Integration

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft 365 provides a seamless integration of Microsoft Office 365 with OpenText Content Server. Extended ECM for Microsoft 365 is the replacement product for what used to be known as Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint (AGA). AGA features have been incoporated into xECM for M365 and extends features beyond the original integration product offered by OpenText. xECM for M365 empowers organizations to meet compliance and archiving requirements, manage the growth of SharePoint sites, provide access to disparately spread enterprise content, and reduce ongoing administration and storage costs. xECM can support you in on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments, even with different SharePoint versions or Microsoft 365.

If you’re still currently on the fence with the benefits or disadvantages of actually integrating the two technologies, we can help you by first setting up a proof of concept.  We can have this up and running in one of your test environments in no time so you can start your evaluation.  Once you determine it can meet your needs, we can then help you move forward to integrate your existing SharePoint systems with OpenText.

Obviously, not all environments will allow a simple integration between OpenText and SharePoint without some customizations.  In these cases, we will develop and propose options so you can make the best informed decisions.  As with all of our past customers, we will take the time to learn and understand your situation so we can custom tailor the best solution to meet your needs.

With Extended ECM for Microsoft 365, you can:
  • Ensure seamless, built-in information governance on-premise and in the cloud (Microsoft 365)
  • Significantly reduce costs by archiving and offloading content to one central archive and compliance backend
  • Improve productivity for end users, enabling them to easily search and work with content spread across the enterprise
  • Functionality to upload Microsoft 365 content from within Content Server
  • Full archiving functionality from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint into Content Server
  • Active 2-way synchronization capabilities between Microsoft Teams content and Content Server business workspaces objects
  • IPA module to support Microsoft Information Protection
  • Web Parts to search, display metadata, relations, and other information for Extended ECM business workspaces & Content Server objects in SharePoint or SharePoint Online
Key points on why we can help you with SharePoint and Content Server:
  • OpenText certified consultants
  • SharePoint certified consultants
  • First to receive training from OpenText on SharePoint and Content Server integration
  • Skilled developers with knowledge of REST API, Content Web Services, oScript, .NET