Email Management

OpenText has been a provider of email archiving and management technologies for many years – the original release of their email archiving software was in 1999.  Consequently, over the years OpenText has had the opportunity to interact with and learn from many organizations around the world to better understand their challenges and goals concerning corporate email.  

Nanavati Consulting, Inc. can help you take the fist step towards getting your email under control with OpenText Email Management.  We make it easy for rapid deployment to compliance.  We can perform the deployment fully on-premise or manage the solution in the cloud.

Federal agencies are encouraged to consider Capstone as an approach that may help them meet the requirements of section 1.2 of the Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18).

Milestones in the Directive
 By 2019, agencies manage all permanent electronic records in electronic formats.

 By 2016, agencies manage permanent and temporary email in accessible, electronic format.

Benefits of a Capstone approach:
  • Increase the amount of email of permanent value transferred to NARA
  • Reduce the burden on individual end-users within agencies.  Seamless adoption.
  • Reduce reliance on print-and-file practices
  • Allow for systematic destruction of temporary email based on an approved NARA disposition authority, reducing the amount of email that has no further value being stored by agencies
  • Provide e-Discovery capabilities for regulatory audit or legal discovery purposes
  • Reduce costs and mitigate the risks of non-compliance and litigation concerning email content
Key benefits of OpenText Email Management:
  • Compatible with enterprise email solutions: MS Exchange, Office 365, G Suite
  • Secure transmission.  Encrypted storage.
  • Records Management certified under Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02-STD
  • Journaling, Archiving, Management capabilities offered from a single Bridge system in the latest OpenText release